Ralph & Russo #fallwinter2016

Apaixonadíssima por esta colecção. Tão feminina, tão poderosa… florida, capas poderosas, detalhes… Deixo-vos aqui alguns dos meus favoritos, mas devem definitivamente dar um olho ao resto da colecção.


Presenting a Sylvan Scene that emulates the perfection and chaos of nature’s enchanted realms, the Autumn Winter 2016/2017 collection is alive with cascading blossoms, laser-cut butterflies, dewy tulle sheaths and metallic dragonflies.

A renewed interpretation of a fantastical wilderness and its binaries, the collection pursues the intersection between dusk and dawn, the romantic and the mystique. Punctuated by laser cut taffeta forms, bold prints and bohemian mini skirts, Autumn Winter 2016/2017 is a fantasia redefining artistry and reinterpreting the eternal cycle of being.

In love with this collection. So feminine, so powerful … full of flowers, powerful covers, details … I leave you here some of my favorites, but should definitely give an eye to the rest of the collection.

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